Typing this, or at least attempting to, on my itouch 🙂



So, Yep…got me a blog! Lets see how long this lasts for :p

Things to do:

  1. Make it pretty
  2. Figure out which font of my thousands installed is causing Photoshop CS4 to crash (and thus assisting with point #1)
  3. Find all my friends on here so I don’t seem like some lonely blogging dude.
  4. ??
  5. Profit!

I figured with the amount of time I spend online each day, and the TONS of content I come across, I could have enough things to post about on here (in conjunction with my Twitter *cough* http://twitter.com/dreggs */cough*)

Oh well..time to spend my WoW downtime learning this site :p

OK so…

APPARENTLY…for me to further customize this blogs appereance, I gotta pay/upgrade. Hah..uh..yeah. Sorry..not happenin. I’ll deal with this fugly layout for now..and so you will..because I say so.

Any WoW players not see this one coming?

Maintenance extended for 2 hours. Yep. Fucking arena server is down too tho..THAT pisses me off. SO close to my fucking murlock pet!

Oh well..gives me more time to make this blog look presentable. *sigh*